Sinai-Grace Hospital Parking Rates

September 1, 2014 Dear Friends and Neighbors of Sinai-Grace Hospital,   Effective September 1, there will be new parking rates for valet and self-park. Click here to download the flyer ...

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Down Trees From The Recent Weather Problems

August 29, 2014 City of Detroit Lets Residents Know How To Address Trees Downed By Recent Storm High winds from yesterday’s storms have toppled trees throughout Metro Detroit.  To address the damage...

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Water Damage From Flood Rains-August 11th 2014

August 12, 2014 If you know of any senior citizens in the Bagley Community who had severe water damage from the flood rains on Monday August 11th, please call the Bagley hotline at (313) 927-2674 or email...

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Detroit Dashboard-Find Out What Is Going On

July 31, 2014  Detroit Dashboard was created so Detroit Residents can find out what is going on with their complaints.    In this new feature on the city’s website, which will be...

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New Blight Chief

July 27, 2014 Mayor Duggan has appointed a new “Blight Chief” for stronger code enforcement. Click the link to...

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New Store On The Avenue Of Fashion

July 20, 2014 Home Store Greenbliss an Environmental Home Store, full of  Solar gadgets, Home Décor and  essentials.19437 Livernois (313) 575-8614. Offering safe and non-toxic alternatives to...

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What Would U like To See On The Avenue Of Fashion – Survey

July 16, 2014 Neighbors and Friends,   We need your help. University Commons and the “Avenue of Fashion” Business Association have been working to make the Avenue great. Please take a...

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The Avenue Of Fashion – New York Times

July 13, 2014 The Avenue Of Fashion on Livernois, in the Bagley Community, receives great publicity in the Sunday July 11th edition of the New York Times. Click the link to see the  news story on...

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Don’t Wait For The City, Help The City

June 30, 2014 An armed robbery leads to a big cleanup near Detroit‘s Mumford High School. Volunteers, including the high school principal, rolled up their sleeves to make the area safer for...

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Join The Bagley Community Patrol – Protect Your Neighborhood

June 27, 2014 Take action!  Patrol the neighborhood!  Deter Crime! If criminals see us patrolling, they are more likely to commit crimes somewhere else! Join the Patrol!  Take the steps...

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