City of Detroit Tree Planting and Tree Service

May 19, 2020 / Comments (9)


Tree Planting

As part of Mayor’s Duggan’s 10 point plan to improve the quality of life for the residents of the City of Detroit, the General Services Department is leading the way in planting 10,000 trees across the 7 Districts of the City. We need your help in reaching our goal of planting 1,500 trees this Spring! Just as you assisted us with the success of the Board Up Brigade, we are asking for your assistance once again, in identifying tree planting locations in your respective communities. We need you on our Tree Planting Brigade!

What is 10,000 UP?

The 10,000 UP Tree Initiative will plant 10,000 residential trees in front of residential homes between the street and the sidewalk only. For 2018, the plantings will begin the first week of April and conclude in the month of June, for our Spring planting. We will begin planting in September and conclude in November for our Fall planting. All plantings will be conducted by a City of Detroit contractor. We will not utilize volunteers for this initiative.

If you would like to request having a tree planter you can complete the Street Tree Request Form here.
If you have any questions, please contact Angel Squalls at or by calling 313-224-6391.

Tree Removal

Priority is being given to fallen trees that are blocking streets or on top of homes and vehicles. The City’s forestry crews will focus on trees that were rooted on city property or blocking streets and sidewalks. For more information on tree removal in the City of Detroit go here or call 313-628-0900.

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City of Detroit Tree Planting and Tree Service

  1. Tim wells says:

    Some young trees should be planted in the fall when they’re dormant. When will you bring back that program. Next question. Where do I call if someone improperly cut down trees , leave branches and limbs on public side walk and in the street on e. Outer drive. Please help me get this mess removed .

    1. Karlton Akins says:

      Hi Tim,

      Outer Drive is a county road. For trees located on county roads please contact the Wayne County Forestry Department phone at (734) 522-7240.

  2. Tonya Wilcox says:

    I have contacted the city of Detroit, regarding this tree problem , over the last two years, with no response . It’s overgrown, prices of the have broken off, covering the street. It is growing so wild, the the tree has untwined with the tree across the street and is also wrapped around the wires. Who else can I contact, and get a positive response? I have also contacted DTE with no response.

    1. Julie Seymour says:

      To learn more about the City’s Tree Services, you can call (313) 628-0900.

  3. Tux says:

    Is this program still active? I’ve been trying to request a tree for months but the request firm is no longer active and no one ever answers the phone at any numbers I’ve found or responds to emails.

    1. Julie Seymour says:

      As per the City, they haven’t started the 2023 program yet. They didn’t provide a date for when it will start this year. You can ring this number for additional information: (313) 628-0900.

      1. clyde says:

        no answer at that number,just rings

        1. Julie Seymour says:

          The City of Detroit Office of the Ombudsman is a good resource if you’re not getting a response from the City. The City of Detroit Ombudsman, Bruce Simpson, can be reached on (313) 224-6000 or at

  4. Ricarda James says:

    I have lived in my home for the past 12 + years and since I moved in I have called the various numbers for tree removal service, to no avail. The tree is growing over my house, is diseased and branches fall constantly. It makes me question where my tax dollars go. I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do.
    Suggestions are welcome.

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