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2020 Citizens Budget Survey

January 13, 2020 Budget time is very important and the city is seeking feedback from citizens so that we may best serve you during the upcoming fiscal year. Due to the positive community feedback they...

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DPSCD School Board Community Meeting

January 12, 2020 The Detroit Public School Community District Board of Education is hosting a community meeting on Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Bates Academy. For questions or to...

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City Expands Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program

January 8, 2020 The City of Detroit will now offer 25% exemptions on residential property taxes starting this year, Mayor Mike Duggan announced today. The 25% property tax exemption is an additional option...

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Public Review of SMART’s Proposed Service Plan

October 24, 2019 After an 18-month system analysis and outreach effort, SMART will present a proposed long-term plan for improvements to its public transportation services to the public. As part of the...

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Citywide Community Meeting

September 24, 2019 Join Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan for a Citywide Charter-Mandated Community Meeting...

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Zone Detroit Holds Public Meetings to Discuss City Zoning Analytic

September 18, 2019 The Zoning Analytic has been released and is ready for public review! This report provides a series of recommendations to address problems with the current Zoning Ordinance. These...

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DDOT Enhances Detroit’s Mobility Experience

September 17, 2019 DETROIT, Mich., September 17, 2019: As part of its ongoing effort to modernize its fleet, the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) has begun rolling out 30 new clean diesel...

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Bagley Community-Wide Yard Sale, Saturday August 24th

August 5, 2019 Bagley Community-Wide Yard Sale Come to Bagley to find great bargains at our community-wide yard sale on Saturday, August 24th. Sellers will be out in the neighborhood from Wyoming to...

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Join Us Saturday July 20th For Our Annual Block Party!

July 4, 2019 2019 Bagley Neighborhood Block Party Join your neighbors and friends as we celebrate all that makes Bagley a great place to live! Join us for the 2019 Bagley Neighborhood Block Party on...

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