Bagley Block Clubs

Block clubs in Bagley are the backbones of the neighborhood. They perform the most on-the-ground improvement of our streets, alleys, and public spaces. Below is a listing of known block clubs in Bagley.


  • Cherrylawn – (Curtis to McNichols)
  • Donald Davis Cherrylawn Block Club Association¬†– (Curtis to 7-Mile)
  • Monica – (McNichols to Thatcher)
  • Roselawn – (Curtis to 7-Mile)
  • Roselawn Resurrection Block Club – (Curtis to McNichols)
  • Santa Barbara – (Curtis to 6-Mile)
  • Stoepel – (Curtis to 7-Mile)
  • Woodingham – (Curtis to 7-Mile)
  • Woodingham – (Curtis to Thatcher)