Help Us “Fight The Blight” in Bagley

September 1, 2023 / Comments (0)


Neighborhood blight has a significant impact on a community – from decreasing the surrounding property values to creating safety hazards. Examples of blight in Bagley include:

  • Trash bins left at the curb (FYI – you can text your street address to 313-800-7905 to get weekly trash and recycling reminders.)
  • Furniture and other loose debris left out on the berm or the street
  • Yard waste – including non-bundled yard waste – left on the street (FYI – here’s how it should be bundled.)
  • Flyers and promotional signs posted on utility poles
  • Abandoned cars
  • Illegal dumping
No one wants this blight – and the Bagley Community Council is here to help!

When you see blight in Bagley, please submit the street address and description here. We’ll send the property owners / residents a letter requesting they remedy the blight. Then, we’ll file the necessary paperwork with the City of Detroit. We’ll also follow-up with you – and the City – until the blight is remedied.

Thank you for helping us keep Bagley Beautiful! 

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