DPSCD Seeking Volunteers To Help Reach Disengaged Students

October 24, 2020 / Comments (0)


From DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti,

As we continue to work through challenges that the pandemic has had on consistent student enrollment, attendance, and engagement this year, I am appreciative of the commitment of those we have participated in our home visit process. We have found that this is the best way to reengage those students who have or are starting to be disengaged in school. We are now launching our third wave of home visits and would like you to consider participating. We invite you to volunteer for this process by signing up through the following link here. We will continue these efforts through November.

I am also including links and numbers to share with students and families to access resources linked to enrollment, IT, device, mental health, or homework support.

Nikolai Vitti

Enrollment Support
Visit detroitk12.org/enrollnow or call (313) 240-4377

Online learning training for parents
Visit detroitk12.org/parentacademy or call (313) 873-7490

Homework Hotline is a free resource for all DPSCD students in partnership with United Way for Southeastern Michigan, Monday to Thursday from 5–8PM. Call 1-833-466-3978.

Mental Health Support provides online counseling to students and parents and referrals for additional services, Monday to Thursday from 5–8PM. Call 1-833-466-3978.

Online Learning & DPSCD Device Support is available on Monday to Friday from 8:30AM–4:30PM. Call 1-833-466-3978.

Device Support
Text ‘HELP4CF’ to (562) 372-6925 or www.help4cf.org

Connectivity Support
Text ‘INTERNET4CF’ to (562) 372-6925 or www.human-i-t.org/internet4c

For manuals and how-to videos, visit detroitk12.org/connectedfutures

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