City Seeking Speed Hump Location Suggestions

May 23, 2019 / Comments (6)


The City of Detroit has recently piloted the use of speed humps in select neighborhoods and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from residents in those locations.

They are now looking to expand these efforts and install additional speed humps across the city. They would like suggestions for locations that the City may consider for future installations. Please keep these things in mind when considering locations:

  • Proximity to schools
  • Route frequented by children
  • Heavy traffic
  • Frequent accidents

Please visit the link below to enter your information. You can find a flyer to print and share with neighbors here.

6 Responses to :
City Seeking Speed Hump Location Suggestions

  1. Bonita Herzfeld says:

    speed bump on Stratford rd between Pembroke and 8 mile.

  2. Teresa Cosley says:

    Speed bump is definitely needed on 6 mile and Pennington between Santa Clara and Curtis. There’s a child-care in the block, as well as other children playing.

  3. Jeanette H Girty says:

    Speed Hump needed at Stoepel & Pickford. It is a 4-way stop that people just roll through. Several almost misses! It is also used as an alternate to Livernois, even before the construction began. Will make a formal submission.

  4. Lorin Burke says:

    Speed bumps are needed on San Juan and Santa Maria. It is also a 4 way stop. People speed down both streets, they do donuts, and do not adhere to the stop signs. I have made a formal submission.

  5. Suzanne Hill says:

    Seeking help. One way street used as freeway. Young children on the block and an elementary school 3 blocks away. Belvidere between Warren and Moffat.

    1. Karlton Akins says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      The link at the end of the post takes you to the city’s official Residential Speed Hump Requests Form. I would suggest that you complete it and have all of your neighbors do so as well.

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