Updates From The Neighboorhood

The 7 Curtis Woodingham Block Club will now meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Messiah Baptist Church 8100 West 7 Mile, 6:30-7:45pm. 

Have you notice the boundary signs are now spruced up with flowers, plants and removal of trash.  Looking good!  Also, throughout the season, random homes will be selected as “Bagley’s Best Yard”.  Is your yard ready?  Let’s show some of that BIG BAGLEY PRIDE in our homes.  Finally, lots, alleys and other eye sores are being cleaned up and cared for by VOLUNTEERS and we’ll leave signs stating it’s now a “trash free zone” – help us by picking up trash plus don’t throw trash out. 

Crime is down which means the patrols are working.  Have you joined?  If not, please join for an hour a month.  You can also help by leaving your porch light on or any of your outside lights on.  Lights chase away the bad stuff; let’s light up the neighborhood. Click Here to join.

Go Stoppel Block Club with its community garden

Go Cherrylawn Block Club with the most lights on for safety

Go Woodingham Block Club for working to have a blighted, structurally unsafe house demolished

Go Wisconsin for starting a block club (South of Curtis)
IF you need help organizing your block club, click here or contact the Bagley Community Council at (313) 927-2674 or bagleycommunitycouncil@yahoo.com


To Stay Updated with the Bagley Community, click this link http://bagleycommunity.org/2013/02/09/stay-connected-with-the-bagley-community/

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