Beautiful Neighborhoods in Bagley

The City of Detroit will cut the lawn of CITY OWNED PROPERTY (DETROIT LAND BANK) in June, July, and August. To find out who owns City property, click the link (External Links, more)

As we all know there is high grass and weeds in the neighborhoods where we live. We all want to live in a nice-looking area. We can keep our neighborhoods looking nice. If you are mowing your lawn, and the house next to yours is vacant with high grass, take a few minutes to cut it. It just takes a few minutes of your time.  This small act can help the entire neighborhood look better, and help keep your house safe. Neighborhood block clubs can rotate “law duty”. Let us all pitch in and do our part to keep the Bagley Community looking its best. The Bagley hotline can also be called about vacant house high grass and weeds (313) 927-2674.

The Bagley Neighborhood Standards can be downloaded from the second paragraph at this link:

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