Stop Signs Missing – Be Careful

September 6, 2014 / Comments (0)

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There are stop signs missing from Pembroke & Canterbury/Warrington (first block east of Livernois) It should be a four way stop but cars are not stopping since the sign is missing.

This is a problem throughout the City. It is suspected by the Police Department the scrapers are selling them to the scrapyards.  The police are working with the Planning and Development department for a plan of action. If the signs were cemented into the ground, this would slow down the thieves. 
There are signs down from east side of  Livernois to Greenlawn. Some stop signs along Pembroke were replaced, but are gone again. The police are monitoring.
THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION WHICH CAN CAUSE CAR ACCIDENTS, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT. If anyone can copy down a license number or can identify the scrap yard(s) purchasing the signs, reporting this would be helpful. The complaint can be reported to the 12th precinct at 313-596-1200.

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