New Blight Chief

Mayor Duggan has appointed a new “Blight Chief” for stronger code enforcement. Click the link to read 

        Blight Elimination Plan For Detroit

Michigan Governor Synder has created a blight elimination plan. The plan to to get rid of the abandoned houses and buildings in the Detroit area – 8 mile to Puritan and Livernois to Wyoming. To learn more about this program, click the link:,4562,7-124-5453_7124_31804_62593-285904–,00.html

The Bagley Community Council continues our initiative to rid our neighborhood of blight.

Vacant Homes

The Vacant Home Task Force (VHTF) is actively working to inventory all of the vacant and for sale properties in our community. The VHTF is also following up with property owners and/or the City of Detroit and Wayne County to secure properties that are dangerous and/or open to trespass.

Posting advertisements on utility poles is a City of Detroit ordinance violation and we are working with the Western District to rid the community of these signs as they contribute to blight. In addition, we continue to ask residents to take a picture or note the license plate number of anyone that you see posting signs. Also, call the phone numbers on the signs and ask them to remove them. Let them know that they can advertise in our newsletter, The Unifier, at a much  more reasonable rate than it costs to produce those hideous signs.
From 2008: 

The number of vacant homes is increasing in our neighborhoods. Unoccupied homes affect all of us. They are eye-sores and reduce the overall appeal of our area, thereby decreasing property values. Vacant homes also pose serious safety hazards.

Here’s an example of what can happen when there are abandoned homes in or community:

Hello President Karen,
I just wanted to let you know what happened on my street. There are 8 or more empty homes owned by the banks or lost due to foreclosure, the house on the corner (18000 Greenlawn) for weeks had broken windows and doors opened unsecured, we called, 911, 1-800 speak-up and until a 13 year old girl was raped (Thursday, May 15, 2008) no one helped. Why is it that some one must become a victim before action is taken? Now the windows are boarded. 

I am writing a letter to the owner of the property soon as I get the name. That should not have happened on our street, we did what we could but it still wasn’t enough.

The Bagley Community Council Environmental Committee is in the process of identifying ALLvacant homes in our community. We are working with Wayne County and the City of Detroit to identify property owners who do not maintain these homes (secure doors & windows, cut grass, shovel snow, etc.). In cases where owners do not cooperate in securing their property, and the home presents a danger to our community, we will use the Wayne County Nuisance Abatement Program to have the property seized.

What Can You Do?
Help us out by giving us a list of all of the empty homes on your block. If you know who owns the property, that will be helpful too. Leave the information on our voicemail (313.927.2674), email it to us, or just post it in the comments of this article.

With your help, we can ensure the safety of everyone in our community.

Karen Palmer
President (As of 2014 – Former President)
Bagley Community Council, Inc.

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