Don’t Wait For The City, Help The City

An armed robbery leads to a big cleanup near Detroit‘s Mumford High School. Volunteers, including the high school principal, rolled up their sleeves to make the area safer for students and neighbors.
PLEASE WATCH VIDEO – get inspired. Detroit’s Fox 2 News covered the event

Someone was hiding in the tall grass/weeds and arrested

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Don’t Wait For The City, Help The City

  1. This is great to see this happen in our community. Thank you for sharing. We are grateful to a few of our block club members who cut the grass, trim bushes, get rid of the weeds and shovel the snow at the abandoned property on Santa Clara and Pinehurst near Schulze Elementary School. These faithful few have done this for years. There's nothing like GoOD Neighbors.

    Thanks again for all the work that you do to keep our community safe and beautiful.

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