The Bagley Community Council is currently having a bottles and cans fundraiser. You may call Bagley resident Patricia Wells (602) 317-2778 for pickup. You can also call Bagley hotline 927-2674 or email

Bagley Resident Shameka Lawson wants to do a fashion show fundraiser. The cost is $25 for two outfits. If you are interested in helping, email Shameka at or call (313) 927-2674 

All monies raised will go to help Bagley provide better service to its residents. For example, mailing the Unifer (Bagley newsletter) to homes and businesses.

Other Fundraisers Held
  • WholeFoods fundraiser. A percentage of the sales on August 27th was for the Bagley Community Council
  • The Create a Cupcake fundraiser and Community Game Night held at GOOD CAKES & BAKES on Saturday, April 12, 2014 was a success. Thank you  Imani Henderson for all your hard work. GOOD CAKES & BAKES is located at 19363 Livernois Ave, Detroit, MI 48221
  • The fundraiser held at the 1917 American Bistro on Tuesday October 22, 2013 was a success. The amazing folks at the bistro donated a percentage of sales from the night to the Bagley Community Council.  Many thanks to Don Studvent and friends. 

The 1917 American Bistro is located in the Bagley Community at 19416 Livernois Detroit, MI 48221

The pictures are showing the first floor dining space. The upstairs holds about 100 people. 

More about 1917 American Bistro at this link 

Do you have a fundraising idea? Let us know Email            (313) 927-2674

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