Bagley Community Patrol Is A HIT

A Bagley resident said:  “the past four evenings I have patrolled it’s been energizing!  We’ve had people stop us in the street asking to join, we’ve had people share concerns with us; we’ve had people impressed that we have a patrol, period.   It was wonderful to see neighbors wave and others say “thank you”.   I can only imagine the powerful, positive impact this will have for all residents of Bagley. Thanks again to Alonzo Bright and other others for pulling this patrol together.  Exciting stuff! “

The Bagley Community Patrol is a GREAT Thing. Not only is it a way to connect with our neighbors, but it brings the area together. These residents are *TIRED* of the crime. Are YOU? Stop complaining. Take action, be a part of the solution.

To find out how you can be a part of it, click this link:

If you would like to make an impact, join!
Make a difference!  I challenge you to let the criminals know crime isn’t easy in Bagley!
E-mail and we can get you involved!
Below is a picture of a patrol vehicle, so you are aware of what a vehicle on patrol looks like.
Click here to read about the positive affect the patrol is having.

While you are patrolling if you see high grass, weeds, trash around a vacant home copy down the address and cross streets, please report the home 628-0918. If a house is vacant copy down the address and cross streets, please report the home 224-3215. The reports can be done anonymously. If you don’t want to report the homes yourself, leave a message on the Bagley Community hotline (313) 927-2674.

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