BAGLEY COMMUNITY and the UNIVERSITY DISTRICT NEIGHBORHOODS tell a story like no other Detroit community can.  It is a community that is rich in history, and celebrates a vibrant culture of Detroiters who care.  The Bagley Community is the place where I grew up.  It is the neighborhood that I have returned to time and time again after living in other cities, in other states, and in other climates.  It is HOME.

And today, the Bagley Community and the University District are still very vital and strong communities that have a lot to offer to Detroiters, and visitors alike.  This very strong part of Detroit is home to many residents who have been in the community for over 20 years.  Those long-term residents that I speak of care about their community, and they care about their neighbors.  You’ll find tree-lined streets with homes of great character and architectural integrity.  You’ll see neighbors helping one another with gardens in the Spring, snow plowing in the Winter, and creating and maintaining Block Clubs all year round.

Today, the Bagley Community Council is instrumental in bringing residents together by holding monthly meetings at the 12th precinct, and distributing The Bagley Community Newsletter to all residents of the community so that they remain informed.  The Bagley Community boasts over 5,000 family structures.  Visit the BAGLEY COMMPUNITY BLOG to find out more.

In addition to all of the good things happening in the Bagley neighborhoods, there is a vital and flourishing Business District located on Livernois, also known as “The Avenue of Fashion”.  The Avenue of Fashion has a long history, and is rebounding in 2014 with greater strength, offering lots more to see and do.  There are Artists, Designers, Galleries, Restaurants, Eateries, a historic Jazz music venue [Bakers Keyboard Lounge ~ VISIT the online site here ~], clothing, Real Estate Businesses, Banks, and many other places where you can get your hair done, find home accessories, purchase cell phones, and shop for groceries.  There are many Events that go on during the Spring and Summer months on The Avenue of Fashion.  And let me tell you, there is much to see and do…


At present, the Bagley Community and the University District will be collaborating and working on maintaining very active and strong Community Patrols.  AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project (Wayne State University – Center For Urban Studies) is playing a key role in providing assistance.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about the patrols in the very near future.
The University District is also the proud home of two major Universities, The University of Detroit Mercy and Marygrove College.  It would take another article to tell you about the history of the merger of The University of Detroit and Mercy College of Detroit (of which I am an Alumni), as well as Bagley Elementary School, which I attended in my youth…so I’ll save that story for a later time.
There is so much more that I could tell you about the Bagley Community and the University District, but what you can capture from the images, the video, and the words from my heart will hopefully give you a small touch of the Bagley LOVE.

Story By:  René Allen Americorps Urban Safety Program   
Watch the video to see the homes

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