Re-Open The FireStation On Livernois Btwn Pickford & Curtis

Let us encourage the City of Detroit to re-open the fire station on Livernois between Pickford and Curtis. There is no firestation nearby. No one wants their house to burn down because the fire cannot be put out. There is a petition that can be downloaded here.

Remember it’s just a tactical unit. There is no no engine or ladder company to put out fires!); PLEASE gather signatures from your communities and pass those petitions to Kim Tandy, our District #2 DON manager.

The petition reads:

“We, the residents of Detroit and the Property Owners of Businesses in this community are 
highly disturbed and extremely disappointed with the decision to close Fire Station 51
(Ladder Co. #21/Engine Co. #51) on Livernois between Pickford and Curtis.
We are in a HHF area, our community was one that was chosen by the City of Detroit
given its strong neighborhood assoications and stability to revitalize neighborhoods.  
We have been told the City would be working with this community to make necessary 
improvements in an effort to sustain the community and the structures in our area.
This is just one of the promises from the City.
There have been several initiatives of the City centered around the strong housing  stock
 in our area and the commercial district on Livernois that services this area.
We have homes that would require a ladder truck if there were a fire and currently there 
is not one in our area.  We have already lost several properties due to the fire station being closed.
The nearest station was also closed and the response time from the next station was not
enough to save the properties.  Because of the quality of the properties these properties 
will not be able to be rebuilt and we cannot afford to continue losing these properties to fire.
With that being said we do not understand why the City would choose to close the 
Fire Station that services this community then reopen as a tactical unit not a ladder unit?  
 This is not acceptable.  We will not remain silent.
Our property taxes continue to rise and our services are continually being cut or marginalized.  
We are requesting the City of Detroit to reinstate this facility as an engine/ladder company 
to service our community.”

 The address to the Mayor’s Office:


2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1126
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313.224.3400
TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777
Fax: 313.224.4128

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