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Breaking News from Lansing
Lame Duck Session
House Bill 5977 
What: December 2, 2014, HB 5977 was introduced into the Michigan State Legislature. It is being discussed  today in  the  Michigan Competitiveness Committee. The bill is called the “Local Government Employer Mandate Prohibition Act. This bill would ban any law that attempts to regulate any aspect of the employment including setting standards or policies with respect to city contractors, developers and others who are being paid by the city, or receiving tax abatements, land transfers even when the contract was not subject to an open bid. The bill prohibits   paid sick leave, prevailing wage, living wage, local resident hiring or training programs as the local level, and any workplace health or safety standards that cities might have.
Why is this important?  What does this mean for your community?:
This bill has implications for Detroit as City Council reviewing the Community Benefits Ordinance that was introduced earlier this year. The Community Benefits Ordinance which seeks to ensure that communities are engaged in the development process especially where public assets, such as tax incentives, tax abatements, and public lands are being used.  The bill seeks to eliminate that power within local municipalities to make that decision and moves it to the realm of state concern. Below is a brief outline of the keypoints of HB 5977:
  • Wages and benefits for employees throughout the state are matters of state concern;
  • The power to regulate wages and benefits are outside of the authority of  a municipality that are  provided by the state;
  • Regulations and prohibitions on development and redevelopment are matters of statewide concern and are within regulatory authority of the state;
  • Municipalities shall not adopt, enforce, or administer a community benefits ordinance that establishes any requirement related to employee wages or benefits, such as a requirement for an employer to provide an employee with a minimum
    wage, particular benefits, a specified amount of paid or unpaid leave time, or the payment of a prevailing wage.


CDAD continues to support and advocate for Community Benefit Ordinance (CBA’s) in Detroit.
We encourage city residents to contact their state legislators  TODAY about the impact of this bill on Detroit and the power of the city to make local laws that supports its residents and local economy.  Tell your state legislator you support community benefits and Detroit’s Community Benefit Ordinance.
  1. Make a phone call:  Call your state legislator and state senator.
  2. Write a letter:  Let your voice be heard by City Council and the Mayor’s office; encourage them to listen to the voice of the community on use of public funds.
  3. Hit Forward: Share this alert with your networks and friends. Let them know what is going on in our community.
  4. Be informed:  Read the current Community Benefits Ordinance that is before Detroit City Council here; Read HB 5977.
  5. Stay engaged: Attend House Committee Meetings or Watch Live Online


Contact information for your State Representatives


State House Representatives– Detroit


Alberta Talabi (District2)             517-373-1776
John Olumba      (District 3)          517-373-0144
Fred Durhal (District 5)                 517-373-0844
Rashida Tlaib (District 6)              517-373-0823
David Nathan (District 8)               517-373-3815
Harvey Santana (District 9)       517-373-6990


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Talent for you in District 2! 

Create your own lyrics to this track recorded by Edward T-Money Green www.myhomedetroitcity.com

“My Home Detroit City” was produced by legendary bass player, T. Money Green, and veteran producer, Nabil “Sandman” Ansara. This song is a way for artists to collaborate and express their feelings about the city they love, Detroit.

The project consists of local Detroit artists and musicians: Pierre Anthony, Chrissy Morgan, Skigh, D. Allie, Steve Caldwell, Gary Strauss and Randy Leipnik.

If you’re an artist yourself, download the instrumental version and create a version of your own.


Detroit City Council’s DFD/EMS overhaul plans  (click here)
Detroit City Council Creates Commerce on Woodward Ave & City Airport (click here to read)

 Find your City of Detroit Services Online By Street Address (Clicking HereGarbage Collection Days, Your City of Detroit District and City Councilperson’s Name, Tree Removal. For a complete list of City Services please (click here)
Urgent Message from
SBA Office of Disaster Assistance
The SBA Office of Disaster Assistance stands ready to assist those Southeast Michigan residents and business owners that have sustained damage from the severe storms and flooding that occurred between August 11 and 13 of this year. Although many business have indicated a need for assistance, very few have returned their applications.

At the close of business on October 22, 2014 the SBA has approved $23,084,800 for homeowners, renters and businesses in the State of Michigan with $5,537,600 approved in the City of Detroit. However there is much more that we can do.
Please join us in urging those with damage to submit their SBA Disaster Loan Applications as soon as possible and before the deadline of December 14th, 2014.

If you have any questions please contact me at the following address
Michael B. Peacock
Public Affairs Specialist
US Small Business Administration
101 Marietta Street NW Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30303-2725
Phone: 404-606-1988
Federal Disaster Loans for Homeowners Renters, and Business of All Sizes
Flood Victim News
The deadline for applying for
disaster relief from FEMA is
 Sunday, December 14th, 2014 @  5:00pm
The Governor’s office has declared
Detroit a disaster area on Sept 25th
Click Here for FEMA Flood Disaster Help 
Property Owners may qualify for loans up to $200,000
Renters and Landlords for loans up to $40,000
Citizens may qualify for Small Business loan or $32,400 in financial assistance
Open Skating 7 days a Week at the Jack Adams/Butzel Ice Arena (click here)
Community Advisory Council
Per the Detroit City Charter Article 9, Section 1, community groups and concerned residents in each City Council District can establish a CAC by collecting 10% of the number of residents who voted in the last election in that council district in 2013. Petitions are available by contacting the City Clerk’s office.  For District 2, you need 2,700 signatures to qualify for the next election in 2016.
Open Enrollment is NOW! Get Health Insurance today
Did you know that Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace begins November 15, 2014 thru February 15, 2015? To apply please register at www.healthcare.gov
Did you know that under the Healthy Michigan plan you can enroll year round? To apply for health insurance under this plan please apply to www.michigan.gov/healthymiplan  or call 855-789-5610
Motor City Mapping.
Learn how to become a
in partnership with www.datadrivendetroit.org
Documenting Detroit One Bit at a Time.
Councilman Pro-Tem Cushingberry  is pleased to report the following good news:
 Councilmember Scott Benson approved a contract for $55,000 to the Fire Dept for purchasing boots and other needed equipment.
Wishing retired Councilmember Saunteel Jenkins success in her new job.

Detroit Fiber Works  
19359 Livernois 48221
(313) 610-5111
Original Detroit and Hand Crafted Art for sale
Open Wed, Through Saturday

Thursday Night All you can Eat Crab Legs for $24.99 on the Avenue of Fashion at
1917 Bistro 19416 Livernois 48221

 $24.99 all you can eat crab legs every Thursday

Food and Drink Specials and Saturday Morning Chess

Menu At the 1917 American Bistro 
  • Wed:    The Spoken Word 8pm
  • Thur:    $24.99  all you can eat Crab Legs 4pm-until
  • Friday:  DJ @ 7pm
  • Sat;       Live Jazz  7pm

Tel: (313) 863-1917 
Reservations: (313) 863-5270 
Make reservations in advance for a lovely evening in Northwest Detroit
on Thursday Evenings.
Saving Homes in Detroit (Click Here for the details)

Sounds for you from District 2
Vocalist Milton Rembert (click here) and
Bass Master Edward “T-Money” Green (click here)

Vote on the best track of Detroit My Home
recorded by Edward T-Money Green
Talent for you in District 2
Get Rid of the Blight with the Department of Neighborhoods
Detroit Fire Department
Equipment Upgrade Plan 2015
Bulk Collection of Flood Damaged property from your home

City of Detroit Jobs www.detroitmi.gov/employment

If your street lights are constantly off, drop a line to  Ombudsman (Durene Brown)
Getting Lit up in Detroit!
Turning on the lights in District 2, is not an easy thing to do..
See the entire plan to light up the City in Zip Code order by (Clicking Here
Assistance at
Northwest Activities Center
Wayne Metropolitan 
Community Action Agency
Providing help to low and moderate income individuals and families
in Wayne County since 1971
Find a house in Detroit By Clicking Here
 Listen to Pastor George Cushingberry Jr.
Every Saturday from 2-3pm EDT
With the Prospector Reveals
on Historic Soul Radio Station
1440 AM WDRJ Detroit MI 
sponsored by 
The Northwest Unity Baptist Church
Hosts:Cystems, Dr. Jaquline Duncan, Pastor George Cushingberry Jr.
R.I.P Sister Lois Dixon
Monthly Income Limits are reduced for Health Care With the Affordable Care Act Tax Credit 
Reduce your monthly premium payment for health care by up to 800%. Flexible income limits will help you reduce your monthly payment from $312 to as low as $0.38 cents per month. To examine the income levels (click here) to read the income table.
State Fair Project via You Tube. 
Retired Detroit Firefighter Marvin Beatty and Magic LLC has committed to hire Detroit residents for job opportunities. Councilman Cushingberry supports the efforts to redevelop the Old State Fair Property by Magic Plus/REDICO.  Their plan is to hire Detroit residents for jobs and business opportunities. Magic Plus is fully committed to the rebirth of Detroit.  (Click Here) to read the report.  A live news video from the Michigan Chronicle can be viewed by (clicking here).  We hope that Detroit area clergy members get together and support this effort to create jobs by hiring Dertoit Residents.
Quotes from concerned Detroiters
“We at the District 2 Regional Transit Authority would love to work as a partnership with Magic Plus LLC to make the State Fair property a modal center with Amtrak, and high speed bus lines to and from the property.  People will be able to watch movies at the new theater and be home by 11pm.”   –  A District 2 State Fair Taskforce Member
“I am committed to the City of Detroit” -Marvin Beatty
“I hope and pray that Pastor Winans and Magic Plus get together and re-vitalize the State Fair Property and the Woodward Corridor with their talent”  – District 2 resident at the Locker Room Lounge on Livernois.
“This is an intermodal site that can handle Amtrak, DDOT, SMART, M1, and M102 light rail transportation.”  – Retired MDOT engineer shopping at Meijers on 8 mile and Woodward.
“I want the Magic group to get the same love like Dan Gilbert” – District 2 residents in support of Magic Johnson
“A 3D Theater will keep the parking lot full and busier than the 10 days the State Fair was in operation.” – Concerned Citizen living in Palmer Woods.
“For 355 days the State Fair property sat idle during the State Fair. With the new development from the REDICO Group, the parking lot will be filled 365 days a year or very close to it”
– Councilman Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr.
Crusin the D in 2015
2015 Blessing of the Cars hosted by Pastor Marvin Winans during the 2015 Crusing the D event. Similar to IdleWild’s blessing of the bikes, this event will add to the uplift and progress in District 2 and the City of Detroit. Pastor Winans has deep roots in Distrct 2 from his days as a student at Pasteur Elementary School in 1965.
Councilman Cushingberry got no special treatment
Newsletter is available for download
Council Agendas/Calendar/Helpful Information
Find the owner of a property in Detroit (Click Here for Propery Tax/Ownership Info)
Bid for a Home in Detroit www.buildingdetroit.org  Homes for you in District 2
All City Council business is now online at  www.detroit.legistar.com 
Make Movies in Detroit.  Click Here for Information
Find City of Detroit  City Services by Address (click here 
Find City of Detroit’s Neighborhood Support Services (click here)
Pay your Water Bill Here at www.dwsd.org

Frequently Called City of Detroit Numbers(click here)
Online City of Detroit Services (Click Here)
Detroit’s Finest (Detroit Police Department) is Hiring!
Be a true public servant protect your community and “Join The Force”
Detroit Fire Department is Hiring
(Click Here for hiring information) 18 to 30 year olds preferred

DFD Fire Coverage for District 2
John R & Seven Mile complete firehouse with an Engine and Ladder Unit. This is the primary station that covers District 2 and District 3.

James Couzens and Meyers complete firehouse with Engine and Ladder Units. This station covers District 1, 7, and 2.

Livernois & Curtis is a Technical Extraction Unit for special operations only (Jaws of Life, Trapped in Elevator shafts, etc).  
Join the citizens of District 2 and support the upgrading of the Fire Station at Livernois and Curtis to a complete firehouse with an engine and ladder company at this location.
2014-2015 Goals for Detroit Fire Department

Timely equipment upgrades and maintenance.  

DFD Furniture Drive: City firehouses are looking for donated furniture like couches and other things for use. If you have time, go to the fire house in your neighborhood and ask them what they need.  

Upgraded Sofa/Couch and, matresses needed at John R & 7 Mile Station.  

DFD Technology Taskforce 1: Solciting for ideas from technology geeks to upgrade the technolgy from a fax and print based system to digitial display GPS based notification system with flat screen monitors in the truck displaying real time information enroute to an emergency situation. By 2016 all run sheets will be simplified with basic information and sent to hand held devices and/or tv monitor(s). The paper run sheets will be eliminated per the Federal Paperwork Reduction Act.

We need young people that are under 30 years old to apply for these jobs. The average of a firefighter is 40 years old and, we prefer 18-30 year olds because of the nature of the job. If you are older than 30, you still can apply for the job and get hired also.
The Detroit Fire Department is hiring for Emergency Medical Technicians and Firefighters. Male and Females please apply, especially if you are under 30.
Help Continue the Fight in the War on Poverty,
No Detroiter without TWO Jobs!
Join our newslist by going to Councilman Cushingberry’s City of Detroit page and subscribing with your email address.

Thank you for your support,
The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

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