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The Bagley Community Council awards scholarships to high school students who live in The Bagley Community with a 3.0 grade average or higher, and written essay. The high school senior has to be a resident of the Bagley Community, and his/her family has to be a paid member of the Bagley Community.

The Bagley Community Council had the pleasure of awarding a $500 scholarship to Briana Monique Taylor during its ninth annual scholarship ceremony/luncheon on June 20, 2015 at Mayflower Congregational Church (basement).

Briana graduated from Cass Technical High School with a 3.8 Grade Point Average (GPA). She volunteered  at Gleaners Food Bank, Helping Hands For The Homeless program, and tutored her fellow classmates at Cass Tech.  After opening remarks from Bagley Community Council vice president/board member  Lee Gaddies,  Bagley Community Council treasurer /board member  Mayme Merritt gave Briana a check for $500 to further her education at Eastern Michigan University. She has also received a scholarship from Eastern Michigan University.

Detroit, Michigan State Representative LaTanya Garrett gave words of wisdom to the honoree. “Your strength comes from within”, she said. You have to stay focused.  Write out your vision and every time you get distracted by your surroundings,  refocus yourself and look at your vision again of what you want to do in life. God will guide your path. You will have times of doubt, you have to remain focused, encouraged, motivated, and strong. “I did not come this far to fail”.  Representative Garrett quoted her own grandmother in saying “It is not how many steps that you take along the way, but it is the imprint of the steps that you leave behind.” Be encouraged because you are destined for greatness. Representative Garrett on behalf of herself and governor Rick Synder presented Breona with a proclamation award, reading the resolution.  ‘Let it be known that a commitment to excellence to a decision that will place our youth in position to take great stewardship over their destiny; Therefore it is with great honor that we observe the academic and personal success of Ms. Briana Monique Taylor  as she receives the ninth annual Bagley Community Council scholarship award.’

There were also words of encouragement from Arthur Divers, liasion to District 2 Council president pro tem George Cushingberry. He stated, the race is going to belong to the person who is persistent in their efforts to win their goals. Stay on the task and aim high. As was done earlier in the ceremony Mr. Divers roused the audience to give Briana’s mother a round of applause for raising her daughter to receive such an accomplishment. A bagley resident voiced her sentiment  “well done.  There will be trying times and flightening times. The community is here to support you and lift you up”. Lee Gaddies added, Bagley is here to help her, with teachers and retired teachers in the community.

Lee made it known in July and August there is no Bagley community meeting at the 12th precinct. The meetings will resume the 3rd Saturday in September. The meeting/ceremony was then adjoined for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal of spaghetti, salad with various toppings, garlic bread, fruit tray, cupcakes and lemonade.

A BIG thank you to:

  • Mayflower Congregational Church and Judith West  

  • Those who set-up and took down  for the event

  • Mayme Merritt for preparing the food, and Diane King for making the cupcakes, and fruittray.

The 2014 scholarship was presented June 21st at Mayflower Congregational Church 7301 Curtis Street 10:00am – 12pm. Two $500 scholarships were awarded. Two $500 scholarships were awarded.

Our two  2014 scholarship award winners are Crystal Charise Head and Alexis Denise EdgeCrystal Charise Head graduated from Renaissance High School with an overall GPA of  3.42. She was inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars.  She served as member of Youth in government, Student Senate as well as being selected to lead/teach Dance workshop.  Outside of school Crystal participated in the Greenlawn Block Club activities.  The Detroit Chapter of the Delta Gems, a mentoring program developed by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to mentor young African American woman.  This was Crystals third year in the Delta Gems program and she currentlyserves as Vice President.  Crystal has leadership skills, as well as determination to succeed in her academic pursuits.  She will be attending the University of Michigan.

Alexis Denise Edge graduated from Detroit Edison Public School Academy with an overall GPA of 3.7.  She was inducted into the National Honor Society as a scholastic achiever, the National Society of Black Engineers as a junior member and Engineering Society of Detroit as a youth member.  She is a student member of Michigan Associa– tion of Environmental Professionals and is a Student Scientist and Captain of Environ- mental Science Team with EcoTek Laboratory.  Alexis was a participant in global Classrooms: International Model United Nations Conference as a Student Ambassador to Comoros. She will be attending Michigan State University.
 Both of this years Awardees are ambitious, enthusiastic and determine to succeed in their academic pursuits.

A special thanks to Mrs. Judith West who provided thoughtful words as our guest speaker.  Her words were meaningful to both the scholarship award winners, their family, friends and all the supporters of Bagley who were present.  Simply, what kind of per– son do you want to be.


The scholarships presented in June 2013 were given to two high achieving senior high school students, at the MayFlower Congregational Church on Curtis Street. The scholarship award ceremony was a wonderful event for those in attendance. The two recipients of the scholarship award who wrote essays were Alexis Trenance Thompson and Justin Garrett Simpson. There was good food and fellowship. 

The ceremony began with a speaker, Mr. Donald Tavorn who wanted to share his words of wisdom.

Everyone in the room was captivated by  Mr. Tavorn who told of  what he learned in preparation for his college years. His words were listened to intently by scholarship recipient Alexis Trenace Thompson. He had three points to share. Although he was speaking to those in attendance at the event, his words can be used by the upcoming graduating seniors in the Bagley Community. As Alexis will take his words with her as she beings her college journey, let the young men and women in the Bagley Community (or anyone who is furthering their education), read what he said, understand it, and keep it in their memory to use in their daily lives. His first point was to   get good grades in the first few years of school, making your grade point solid. If you get good grades in the first two years of school, a high grade point average will help you as you stay in school. As your classes get harder the longer you stay in school, your grade point average will not “go down” or fluctuate greatly because you would have gotten solid good grades in the beginning. If you are focused in the beginning of your college years, as your classes get more difficult you won’t have to retake classes to get your grade point average up (which is an extra expense you or your parents may not be able to afford). Starting off on the right track will give you some leeway, some room for error, as your classes get more difficult, you won’t have added pressure on you.  “If you start strong, you can finish strong”. His second point was to find a mentor and getting an internship in your chosen field of study. In the case of Alexis, her chosen field of study is mechanical engineering.  By finding a mentor you will be able to ask questions in what you are interested in. The internship will let you find out if you like the field you have chosen to go into. What you like may look good on paper or in a text book, but once you start doing it everyday you may not like it. You may decide that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life, doing it. The internship will give you a chance to find it out now, instead of waiting until you are out of school, and get a job in a field you may not like. It is important that you are doing something that you enjoy, for the rest of your life. Taking some time to get a mentor and/or internship in what you are interested in, is a good idea. The third and final point he made was that change is constant. What you start out as, in the first few years after college may not be what you end up doing later in your life. You may change your mind about what you are doing, or the circumstances in your life may take you in a different job path. And, this is okay. The important point is that you are learning. You can learn something from every situation (even if the lesson is, not to do something, again). It is something you did not know before. The change that happens in life, can help you grow as a person. Do not be afraid of change. It is the only thing that will happen to you, throughout your life.  These words spoken by Mr. Tavorn will ring true not only for Alexis but for the young men and women (and adults) in the Bagley community who want to take themselves to the next level in life, in their education.  As you grow and learn, help others to grow and learn.

While Mr. Tavorn left us all with something to think about, others spoke of activities taking place in the Bagley Community, Like Mr. Carl Baxter  who is the liaison representative for state representative Thomas Stallworth and Mr. Wells the community representative for Wayne County Commissioner Irma Clark Coleman. Mr. Wells reported on a home improvement grant program that was, at the time, taking place within the Bagley community sponsored by Community Arts Credit Union. 

It was then time for the essays written by the scholarship recipients to be shared.

Mr. Justin Garrett Simpson’s essay on how the Bagley Community can strengthen  itself (click the link below) was read by his aunt Pastor Janine Davis.  Mr. Simpson is a graduate of University of Detroit Jesuit High School with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.13. He was on the Christian Service Team and on the Junior Varsity Lecroix Team. He is attending Michigan State University. Unfortunately Mr. Simpson could not attend the ceremony due to a previously scheduled family commitment.                                                    After reading the essay Ms. Davis received on Justin’s behalf a $500 scholarship, presented by Bagley Scholarship Committee Chairperson Mayme Merritt.

Senior Alexis Thompson read her essay (click the link below) on the importance of peace in the community. Alexis is a graduate of  University High School in
Ferndale, Michigan with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.86, a National Honor Society member. 
She has been involved in many activities such as: organizing and advertising fundraisers for Muscular Dystrophy, making blankets for Children’s Hospital of Michigan, created artwork for the Detroit Community Gardens, participated in Strong Teams’ Excelling and Prevention Service Youth Program, Bell Ringer for Salvation Army at Oakland Mall, organized and packaged food for Gleaner’s Food Bank, neighborhood community group involvement, and mentored to underclassman, among other things. She is attending the University of Michigan in Dearborn

in the College of Engineering and Computer Science program. Alexis was then was presented with A $500 scholarship by Bagley Scholarship Committee Chairperson Mayme Merritt. 

We are VERY PROUD of our two Bagley Seniors as they enter their next chapter as college students!  We look forward to hearing of their many successes.

  Yes, the scholarship ceremony was enjoyed by all.

Young attendees Asherah Bey and
Ezekiel Bey had a good time. Ezekiel Bey likes the idea of earning a scholarship – when it is his turn to receive one.

Click this link to read the essays of the scholarship recipients – Justin Simpson and Alexis Thompson.

Thank you to Senator Virgil Smith for his $1,000 scholarship donation.

 Helping young adults in the Bagley Community further their education is what it is all about. Kristina Lukowski who came out of the Bagley Community put the Bagley Community Schloarships she won in 2004 and again in 2008 to good use.  She is an Ivy League Brown University Graduate. She completed her goals and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Science and is on her way to medical school. The scholarship was well invested. She is on Bagley’s history plaque.

The scholarship was not awarded in 2016 because no one met the qualifications.

To All The Senior Class Students in the Bagley Community, you have something to look forward to in June 2017, a chance at a scholarship. 

Click HERE to download 2017 Scholarship Flyer.

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