Detroit Police Crime Advisory


*Unknown perpetrators conducting Home Invasions targeting elderly individuals

Method of Operation:

Beware of perpetrators who are targeting elderly individuals that live or are found to be alone in their residence.

The perpetrators talk the elderly individuals into allowing them to enter the home; on a couple of occasions the perpetrators have identified themselves as Police Officers. Once inside the home the perpetrators assault and rob the elderly individual. In one instance we believe the perpetrators may be responsible for a fatal assault of an 88 year old resident.

What to do:

If you live alone or are at home alone and someone whom you do not know comes to your door please do the following:

2. If they are claiming to be Police Officers:
a. Ask to see photo ID (without opening door) ask them where they work, get their badge number.
b. Call the nearest District and confirm identities.
3. Call a neighbor, have them look out from their house and ID the persons as well as any vehicle they may be driving. (Police will almost always be in a vehicle)
4. Call 911 and give a complete description of the individuals as well as any vehicle they may be driving.

District Phone Numbers:
Western District 313-596-1200 (Bagley Community)
Northwest District 313-596-5600
Southwest District 313-596-5300
Eastern District 313-596-5900
Northeast District 313-596-1100
Central District 313-596-1300

Linda Peltier (Vertin)
Northeastern District
Cell (248) 390-5307
Office (313) 596-1110

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