Home Repair & Equity Scams

A big thank you to Stephanie Anthony from the Michigan Attorney General Senior Brigade who on the topic of “Home Repair & Equity Scams” to the Bagley residents in attendance at its monthly meeting.

Ms. Anthony spoke about individuals who approach you while you are working in your yard, offering home repair. Tell your neighbors and family members about the incident. Check to see if the person is a licensed contractor at the LARA (Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) website http://michigan.gov/lara The Better Business Bureau will only record your incident. The Attorney General’s Office will investigate it. Never pay a contractor in advance, Ms. Anthony suggests 25% in stages as the work is completed.

Ms. Anthony spoke about Reverse Mortgages. A reverse mortgage is taking a loan against your home. Monies are not due back until you permanently leave tour home. Read the fine print and consult an attorney. You are still responsible for taxes and upkeep of the home.

Ms. Anthony spoke about Foreclosure Scams. Do not pay anybody who says they will have you save your house. Never give someone else a payment to send to your mortgage company. Never sign over your home to anyone unless you are ready to get rid of it.

Download the flyers passed out at the meeting. Click HERE to see the Senior Brigade Booklet

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