Do You Have A Child At Bagley Elementary School?

February 17, 2013 / Comments (0)

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If you have a child who attends Bagley School, make sure you attend the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings. Learning how your child is doing in school is the key to helping your child succeed. You will also learn a great deal about events going on in the community which you can take part in, also there are State of Michigan run programs which may help you. 

Mr. Duma Jensen is the Community School Coordinator for Bagley Elementary School. He is from the State Of Michigan and reports to Governor Synder’s Office. Mr. Jensen is a part of the State Of Michigan’s Neighborhood Stabilization School Anchor Initiative (NSSA). See this link
If you would like to get in touch with Mr. Jensen please contact the Bagley Community Council at (313) 927-2674 or email

There are NSSA meetings to talk about the blighted houses in Detroit and how to tear them down. To find out when the next NSSA meeting is, click on the Happenings In Detroit link

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