Advertisements on Utility Poles – TEAR THEM DOWN!!!

Bagley Residents –

I spoke to Sgt. Bledsoe in the Community Relations Department at the Western District Precinct about an initiative that they will be starting this spring to rid the community of the hideous signs that are mounted on utility poles. If you aren’t aware, there is a City ordinance banning such signs. Sgt. Bledsoe said that they have not started the initiative yet, but that she and her officers are willing to work with us to remove the signs. She said that if we see people putting up signs, write down their license plate number. A picture helps too.

Our position is that these signs contribute to blight in our community and they have to be removed. Our CB patrollers regularly remove the signs, as do other community members, yet every day new ones appear. In addition to removing the signs, we have begun calling the phone numbers on the signs and informing people that they are in violation of City of Detroit ordinances. We ask them to remove the signs and offering them an opportunity to advertise in our newsletter.


  1. If you see someone putting up signs, write down their license plate number. If you have a camera on your cell phone, take a picture.
  2. Remove any signs you see.
  3. Give us the information. Let us know the name on the sign, phone #, location, and whether or not you removed it or called the person.
  4. Call the business. (You can block your phone number by first dialing *67). Let the person know that we don’t approve of them littering our neighborhood with the signs.

Here’s a suggested script:

I live in the Bagley Community. The boundaries are Livernois to Wyoming and McNichols to Outer Drive. The signs you have posted on utility poles violate a City ordinance banning such advertisement. They also contribute to blight in our community and we respectfully ask that you remove them. We are working with the Western District Police Precinct to enforce the ordinance and have violators fined. If you would like to advertise legally, feel free to do so in our newsletter that reaches 5000 households each quarter. If you have questions, call us at 313-927-2674. Thank you for your cooperation.

    This is the only way that we can prevent our neighborhood from becoming a dumping ground and littered with garbage!
    If you can’t remove the signs, then call the number on the sign. If you don’t want to call, then pass the information along to us.
    This is a project of our Environmental Committee. If you’d like to be a part of the committee, let us know.
    Karen Palmer
    President, Bagley Community Council, Inc. (Former President – 2014)

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