Do You Have A Child At Bagley Elementary School?

February 17, 2013 If you have a child who attends Bagley School, make sure you attend the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings. Learning how your child is doing in school is the key to helping your...

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Detroit Future City

February 12, 2013 There is a plan for Detroit. It is called Detroit Future City. Read more about it. Located in Eastern Market 2929 Russell Street. Website is The...

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Stay Connected With The Bagley Community

February 9, 2013 The Bagley Community is bounded by West Outer Drive (north), West McNichols Rd. (south), Wyoming Ave (west) and Livernois (east)  If you live within the Bagley Community, join us on...

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When I Was Growing Up

February 6, 2013 I remember playing basketball with the neighborhood kids in my backyards, on the basketball hoop attached to the top front of the garage. There were delivery trucks in the area. Fresh...

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Happenings in Detroit

February 1, 2013 WANT SOMETHING TO DO? Check out this video and be amazed. Watch all the activities going on at the Northwest Activities Center. WOW!! Dance classes, aerobics, basketball, Detroit Employment...

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Helpful Information

February 1, 2013 Lower Your Energy Bill You can lower your energy bill by installing solar panels in your home. Visit this website for details here to see and download a...

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Vacant Homes / High Weeds Contact Numbers

January 21, 2013 Call these numbers within the Buildings and Safety Department to report the following: Vacant Homes that are open to trespass  (313) 224-3215. An inspection will be done. Property will...

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Bagley Security Patrol Options for Block Clubs

November 13, 2012 Residents, Many of you have approached the Bagley Community Council with your concerns for safety and security of your homes, blocks, neighbors and neighborhood. With that in mind, Bagley...

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City of Detroit to Step Up Collection Efforts as Most Developers Fail to Repay HUD Loans | LoanSafe

August 1, 2012 It’s easy to “THRIVE” when everyone else is paying for you to do so, try giving life long Detroiters a 10 or 15 year tax break or millions of dollars in subsidies and any...

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Thinking for Ourselves and Rethinking Work

September 19, 2011 Thinking for Ourselves Economic Future By Shea Howell Last week President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to press for the adoption of the American Jobs Act. He called for a...

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